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Freedebt Recovery is the fast track debt recovery solution using the legal system to bring rapid relief to your debt problems.

Employing Freedebt Recovery to chase your bad debts and slow payers ensures you release your money and time and helps you concentrate on your good customers, maximising their potential.

Whether the debtor is an international plc, a small professional firm, a contractor or, in fact, any solvent company or business, we will recover your debts in a professional and efficient manner.

Typically within a 30 day time period, with no costs, if we don’t collect after 60 days. If we should recover your debt after 60 days then you would have a free debt recovery.

 • We only handle uncontested Business to Business debts. 

 • We do not handle private debts. 

 • Even if you are a small family business and don't want to upset your customers by chasing your debt you should consider that your customer owes you money and ask yourself are they really a ‘profitable customer' for you? 

• Using our service allows you to concentrate on those customers who are your ‘profitable' business   partners, however it has been known once a claim has been made, these ‘debtors' realise the ‘error of their ways' and continue to do business with you AND pay on time! 

 • A large number of our clients have referred other clients to us, so impressed were they by the speed and effectiveness of our service

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